Weeknotes 2013.5

On Monday had a boring art history class, had lunch with Shawn, went to Rye to pick up all the crap I had brought home for spring break: books, clothes, etc. I freaked out for a second when I walked in because I thought we’d been robbed or something. All the lights were on, a shelf had been toppled right by the door, and there was general upheaval. But that’s just how Niki packs for vacation. Tried to write because it was quiet there but didn’t get anything done at all. Ordered a 23andMe DNA kit, despite the fact that I’d legally have to send it from out of state, mostly hoping that it’ll solve my “final project” for Biology. Nabbed the printer to take back to school. Showed up 90% late to a Student Council meeting.

Projects was cancelled on Tuesday. I lugged the printer to the colonnade, where I am supposed to have a show in May. There’s a super high up ledge that I somehow decided I wanted to print off of, but haven’t figured out the logistics of yet, so I put the printer on a decently high up beam and played around with that for a while.

Sarah and Marco stopped by and we printed a selfie.

Rogre, having read what there is to read of the (still unfinished omg) month note sent me the link to an essay called Deconstructing the Experience of the Local: Toward a Radical Pedagogy of Place by Claudia Ruitenberg, which I was perfectly situated to read. It was a good essay. Sort of affirmed some things that I feel vague and out of place about.

Drank a lot at openings and beyond but I think it was kind of boring or at least not memorable. It’ll probably be smart to not keep doing that. A waste of 6 harness-able hours! On a Tuesday!

Despite that, woke up really, really early with no alarm.

Don’t remember what I tried to do but I remember that I tried to do something on the computer and it was not productive. Went out into the world to get coffee but forgot to wash the Pen15 Club membership tattoo off of my wrist from the previous night.

I thought I had conducted a pretty comprehensive bridge-burning when I bitched out that curator Simon who I’d been in contact with a few months ago:

But an email arrived as I was sitting at my computer not-working that him and Hans Ulrich Obrist would like to talk on the phone today. Crazy. I told them that I wouldn’t have called me. But they basically apologized for the DLD panel being weird. Hans Ulrich asked me about Hans Haacke in relation to what I’d sent him, and I actually hadn’t really ever seen his work (though he’s usually hanging out around Cooper so I’ve seen the guy a bunch). I’d put together a PDF a few months ago, but they asked if I could upload some images to their private database they’re collecting people in… I’m somewhere between star-struck-ed-ness and still kinda stressed about their project seeming like a big-name curator blatantly preying on and assimilating recent grads en masse. They said they’d connect me with a student activist in China who seems rad. It’s not like there’s any point in being too much of an asshole and playing hard to get when I am going to graduate into the void and somebody has called me out of curiosity about my work. I think we’ll meet in May.

Got a super fucking corporate salad with Aaron and ate it in Washington Square Park, which was nice. It’s spring. Except that I like threw up in my mouth halfway through and kept eating. Such is life!

Bought a shredder at Staples. Shredded things.

Dan and Joe sent me this:

Showed the printer and shredder in Niki’s class. The first time I’ve shown in that class. She told me I should get an intern to change the paper, which made sense.

Woke up early again on Thursday and wrote a post announcing that I’m going to serialize my drafts of the essay I never finished called Reinventing Administration.

Which felt like, bam! bam! bam! But…have yet to make progress on that oops.

Took a Hans Haacke book out of the library and read it on a pile of paper shreds in my studio, which turned into some kind of ridiculous rat nest.

Did some experiments with pre-printing big page number watermarks and then running those sheets through the aerial printer.

Had Seth’s class. I could’ve showed the printer again…I had it all set up — and he had made fun of me for not having shown and not ever intending to — but we basically ran out of time and I was okay with it. Got a slurpee halfway through. Normally I like that class but it was boring. Apparently talking about paintings isn’t always boring, our class is just bad at it.

Spent the evening doing a thing that was fun but which I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about before leaving the premises. Not even joking.

So I guess that’s that.

Showed the printer on the column again in Dennis’s class. He’s really good, the whole class was really good. We talked a lot about flyer drops and office work. I shared my fear that I am turning into Ann Hamilton, who Audrey had mentioned as an artist that is like sooo into the beauty of falling paper, and he was like: you worry about you, her stupid Canadian aesthetic will take care of itself. Lol.

Went to bio, it was boring, zoned out on my laptop. Bought a laser printer. Sat around in my nest.

Biked to Brooklyn with Joe and Audrey and they made dinner, that was nice.

Hung out with Joe again on Saturday. Hung out in the yard, talked about Cooper stuff, played with the bunny, ate enchiladas. Good day.

And! Arrived home to find my 23andMe Spit Kit.

Slept in on Sunday then headed to Rye to see Katie, who was home from Boston. Was basically home exactly long enough to convince Niki to drive to Connecticut, spit into a tube for 2 minutes, mail it off, eat crepes, and watch one episode of SVU together.

Here I am mailing my saliva to California, where they will turn it into code and store it for ten years.

Then headed back into the city to have dinner at Day’s with Free Cooper people. She made gumbo, which was yummy, and we all lounged around and talked mostly not about school, which was nice. I fell asleep on her couch for, like, a minute. Total comfort.

I was supposed to put together a presentation for Dore and I never got around to it and couldn’t figure it out, despite it not being important and having had several hours in the morning to bang it out, so I just skipped. Sort of a stupid decision, but I went to Kmart and got a vinyl cushion type thing to throw all my paper shreds into. Felt cheezy about that.

This piece of paper fell off the wall and there were some scary old notes on the back!

Forked newsdiffs (which I stumbled across, but Ethan also sent to me!) to cooperdiffs, so I can spend less time collating document versions hopefully, but failed to write a working parser. Beautifulsoup is kind of a shitshow.

Ate BBQ. Read a little bit of Systemantics.

All the while, up at Bard, I was being appropriated. Saskia gave a lecture and she had asked, a few weeks ago, for the link to my video. Ughhh. Bleghh. Nrrrrr. What a turnaround time from protest to curatorial symposium, now that it’s politically safe or whatever for her to endorse.

I have issues with curators.

Tried to mechanicalturk some audio transcription but it turned out to be wildly inefficient because I sat there refreshing the page and no turkers actually took the job.

Had a short, boring student council meeting. Got a burger with Alex. Fell asleep on the couch the second we got home.

Tuesday morning I pinned up all the existing versions of the bylaws. Ideally I will paste them to the windows in the colonnade and be able to do a big diff in marker on the other side of the glass, but I wanted to get a sense of the scale. I had previously done the diff where I put the plain-texts next to each other in indesign and plotted it. But I’ve come to want the formatting, actually. I’m bored by it but it also feels important and easy to execute. I need more mindless tasks.

The dynamic in Projects kinda sucks but I have a feeling the work is getting interesting. Or at least it was more full-formed all around today. I showed too. Configured my new laser printer so it’s wireless! And propped it up on a ladder, then printed some stuff. The colonnade has shows so it’ll be hard to keep playing there.

Apparently I’m a cheap rip off of Hans Haacke, whose work I hadn’t seen until…yesterday. And I actually am wary of how boring he is, while acknowledging the boringness of my own personal interests.

Aaron said some good stuff, he knows where I’m coming from well at this point but it all still reads wrong. Walid told me not to make things if I’m just making them to show them. To reject the idea of a show!

When I don’t make things it’s like: MAKE THINGS. And when I do it’s like: DON’T MAKE THINGS JUST FOR US! So, there’s that. It’s fun.

Went to openings. Food was better than normal this week!! It’s all about the food. Wrote this thing. School closes at 2 and they told me to leave but I’m still here. I could probably slip into my sleeping bag aaahhh but will bike home now.